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Kid Cudi’s riding high on the success of his debut album and his rise in fame and fortune. His debut album, The Man On the Moon:  The End Of Day is a hit, he’s been added to 50 Cent’s starting lineup for 50 Fest and set to star in a new TV show. Unfortunately for the Shaker Heights Ohio MC, the old saying rings true, “more money, more problems.”

His old manager from Every Exposure Management, Sydney Macdonald, has popped up on the scene to question his credibility and ultimately deem him as “fake.” Macdonald released a press release titled Kid Cudi Caught Cheating: Exposing His Secret Relationship With Former Manager that instantly grabbed HipHopWired’s attention. We reached out to MacDonald for clarity and unfortunately the secret relationship was not what we expected. Instead Macdonald’s story is more of an old friend feeling left out of the limelight. The scorned man spoke exclusively with HipHopWired about his qualms with Cudi claiming that his portrayal as being a “struggling up and coming artist” is false.

“I managed Cudi for two years. To cut to the chase I got him his first production deal and I also managed him as far as giving him thousands of dollars from my company and he kept that a major secret from everyone up until he signed with Kanye West. I tried to keep quiet about it but I noticed how when he released his album, basically the whole theme including a number of songs was basically about his struggle about being an up and coming artist and not having no one in his corner, that was just a slap in the face. It was very offensive. “

Throughout Macdonald’s interview with HipHopWired he continues to take shots at one person in particular, Kanye. It’s blatantly obvious that MacDonald’s has a real problem with Ye and even brings up the infamous VMA incident where he took Taylor Swift’s shine.

“It’s reminiscent to how Kanye West actually overshadowed Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Every time someone deserves their shine it seems like someone from their camp is always looking to outshine them in some sort of way. “

Macdonald doesn’t stop there, he describes taking Cudi to a Def Jam meeting where he met Ye’s manager, ultimately leading him to his present day success. Seemingly bitter about the twist of fate, the old manager describes the “hurtful” situation.

“This is what hurts a lot as well. While he was at the meeting with Def Jam he met Plain Pat which is Kanye West’s manager during our meeting. Him and Plain Pat stayed in contact with each other and he ended up signing with the management, with Plain Pat. He actually reniged on our management agreement. He was under my management the entire time and he signed under Kanye West’s manager because that was a great opportunity to take his career to the next level. “

What’s his ultimate goal in “exposing the truth”? According to him he just wants the shine he deserves. Oh and management fees. He describes what he hopes to gain from the situation and blames Ye again for encouraging his G.O.O.D. music protégé to keep quiet about his previous management.

”So him and I have been back and forth over the last months, at least over the last year in regards to how he’s going to basically give me back the shine that I deserve and also my management fees. He hasn’t given me any credit at all! Especially now. Now that Kanye West is  behind the scenes, he’s [probably like] , “Listen the only way you can make this look like a great story is to make it sound like you struggled, you had no one behind you and you met my A&R and my manager and we’re the ones that took you there.” There’s a story behind that whole entire thing that I kept quiet about till I heard his album. It’s totally offensive how he kept this a major secret from everyone so it can look like Kanye West actually did everything.”

Hopefully Cudi can get this resolved quickly so people can stop throwing him under the bus for free promotion. Until then I guess it’s still more money, more problems.

Here’s MacDonald’s YouTube video speaking on his “secret relationship” with the artist.

Yeah right.