Last week Lil Baby seemingly got finessed by his jeweler. The merchant has admitted to selling him a fake watch and gifted him some free ice for the error.

Lil Baby has some more explaining to do. The Internets have called him out for wearing an obviously fake Patek Phillipe watch.

The vultures are out and are trying to feed on Nipsey Hussle’s name. His estate is now filing a lawsuit against a company who is selling unauthorized merch.

Instagram wants to put an end to the cap. They have started to crack down on companies who offer fake engagement.

One of the most bootlegged brands ever is taking a stab at knocking itself off. Gucci has a new drop that purposely tongue in cheek.

While he makes it look good Rick Ross might not be rolling as right as we all thought. The Miami native was recently caught draped in bandooloo designer.

Fake merchandise is big business. A man was recently apprehended for trying to cash in on the footwear brand’s universal appeal.

If you were planning on pre-ordering the upcoming DMX album, Redemption of the Beast, Swizz Beatz is suggesting you save your money for the project he’s physically working on with the Dark Man.

In an age where rappers have to stunt with pricey jewelry to assert their relevance, it has proven time after time that everything that glitters is not gold. Thankfully we now have the @FakeWatchBusta Instagram account to help us spot all timepiece jigs.

This time, the conspiracy theorists got it right. Late last week a video went viral of a woman’s suspect twerking leading to her catching fire. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host revealed that the video was faked and he was actually behind the hoax. 

Remember that strange George Bush Sr. quoting trailer that was supposed to be for a Cruel Winter short film courtesy of Kanye West? Director Austin Christianson has revealed that it was not officially sanctioned.

Remember when tongue rings were a thing? Well little Willow Smith wanted to bring the trend back, but it didn’t end so well. Being that she was probably in diapers when the tongue-ring phase had it’s first go-round, the 11-year-old, and her friend Bobbie Debarge, thought it’d be a good idea to make up for […]