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Instagram wants to put an end to the cap. They have started to crack down on companies who offer fake engagement.

As spotted on Vice Magazine the insanely popular social media app is getting serious on third party brands cooking the books when it comes to taps to the heart icon. According to the article Facebook, who owns IG, served LikeUp.Me with a cease and desist last week. In response the company shut down their site with a message saying “Sorry, LikeUp isn’t working :(. This service will no longer work. Sorry. Refunds for the last month are being processed. If you didn’t get a refund after July 1, 2021, please send your order number & the email you used to sign up here: [email protected]”. The story is further validated by an email reportedly sent by their CEO, Aleksey Bykhun, looking for legal assistance regarding the matter. “I’m looking for a small consultation in answering to the C&D letter from Facebook” he wrote.

In an email to MotherboardVice’s tech site, Facebook gave further context on why they want all the smoke. “Fake engagement violates the platform’s rules, and that Facebook takes action against such companies when discovered” their response read. The move proves that Instagram is staying serious about eradicating avenues where users can cook their numbers or finesse other users. In February they took serious action against the OGUsers community which reportedly hack high profile accounts for gain. Ma$e was famously caught using fake followers and went from 1.5 million to 275K in a matter of minutes.