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Ugg boots

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Fake merchandise is big business. A man was recently apprehended for trying to cash in on the footwear brand’s universal appeal.

Last week a Staten Island man admitted to trafficking almost $2.5 million dollars worth of fake UGG boots. According to court records, Shi Wei Zheng attempted to bring the counterfeits via the Port of Newark.

He allegedly got his hands on shipping numbers from overseas and used three containers to bring close to 15,000 bandooloo pairs.

Zheng paid port employees thousands of dollars to remove the containers before customs can inspect the boats. His plan was to have the containers broken down at a separate location so the goods can be later distributed to his network of retailers.

Agents eventually caught word of the money moves and seized the containers later confirming that the shoes were indeed bogus. U.S. District Judge John Michael Vazquez sentenced him to two years. In addition to his prison time, Shi will have two years of supervised release.

You can read through the indictment here.

Via The Daily News