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If you were planning on pre-ordering the upcoming DMX album, Redemption of the Beast, Swizz Beatz is suggesting you save your money for the project he’s physically working on with the Dark Man.

In a series of social media outbursts, Swizzy defended his Ruff Ryding brother against a fugazzi furthering of his legacy by debunking the new album’s press release.

“I see a lot of people hitting me about this album!!!” Swizz exclaimed on Instagram. “I can tell you 100% this is not the album X and I are working on!!!! (I feel like Timbo with the Aaliyah movie rite now) SMH !!!!!! #DontdisrespecttheDog We Got Fire coming.” If you think that posting was irrefutable slander hurled towards record label INGROOVES’ way, the “Monsta” wasn’t done there.

“When the DOG come back you will know 100% !!!!!! Stop the B.S fake albums!!!!!!!! Fyi We Cooking Fire,” he continued in a separate posting. For what it’s worth, the album cover does look rather questionable.

DMX hasn’t done much to promote the surprise LP on his end, and he re-posted Swizz’s latter statement on his own IG account. The question remains, is X is still collecting a check, however.

Speaking of checks, as the world awaits this mythical DMX/Swizz Beatz return the greatness, the rap dog legally known as Earl Simmons has been making ends meet by doing spot date shows and strengthening his acting chops.

He recently made a comical cameo in Chris Rock’s hit film, Top Five.

IF you still have the urge to hear X bark in your ears–unauthorized or not, you can still pre-order the album on Amazon.

Check out Swizz’s rant over the upcoming DMX album in the slides below.


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