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In an age where rappers have to stunt with pricey jewelry to assert their relevance, it has proven time after time that everything that glitters is not gold. Thankfully we now have the @FakeWatchBusta Instagram account to help us spot all timepiece jigs.

Within the last four months @FakeWatchBusta has become one of the most popular accounts on social media. So much so that it is a frequent subject of discussion on The Breakfast Club. But who is he or she exactly, no one really knows. But the one thing that is clear is this mystery person knows luxury watches.

From Rolex to Audemars Piguet, the page has caught some of your favorite rappers wearing bogus wrist wear. While some callouts were not surprising, there were a couple that left us collectively shaking our heads.

So we present 20 rappers caught by @FakeWatchBusta wearing phony time pieces. Let us know what you think of the Jadakiss situation, it may be that Kiss needs a talking to.

Photo: @FakeWatchBusta Instagram

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