The attorney for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, dropped a bombshell on Sunday, this after President Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen has been pushing back over their differing legal stances. Avenatti tweeted a photo of Cohen alongside what is allegedly an official from Qatar who is one of the targets of a lawsuit from […]


If you’re going to drop over $500,000 on a Lamborghini, the least you can do is spring for a driver’s license. Police in London seized a Qatar owners extravagant glow-in-the-dark purple Lamborghini Aventador for not having the proper paperwork.

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Back in February, word got out that Kanye West was filming a mini-movie in the Middle East. Now more details are emerging and it seems that Yeezy and Kid Cudi are out in Qatar shooting a music video. A student working on the production dropped dime and spilled two and half beans about the quasi-top […]