Scooter Braun's Hybe America company purchased the Quality Control Music label for a reported $300 million price tag.

After months of speculating whether Migos were officially finished or if the group was trolling; fans finally received the reason why Offset has been noticeably absent on all recent Migos appearances when TMZ dropped the news that Set was suing his label and CEO, accusing Quality Control Records of ignoring a deal they made back in January 2021.

The other occupants of the vehicle, including a toddler and an older boy, were unharmed according to police.

According to published reports, Metro Marrs drew a loud ovation after making it rain at his high school graduation, but the stunt ended up getting him detained by cops. While walking across the Langston Hughes High stage on Friday (May 21), the Quality Control rapper made it rain $100 bills with about $10,000 in total hitting the floor.

Atlanta Hip-Hop group Migos is hitting the breaks on their multi-million dollar lawsuit against their former lawyer Damien Granderson.

Atlanta natives 2 Chainz, 6lack, and Quality Control Music Group are coming together to do the Feed Your City Challenge, a nationwide campaign helps donate resources such as boxes of fresh groceries, PPE items, and voter registration stations to 4,500 Atlanta residents via non-contact drive-thru lanes.

Lil Baby’s music is reigniting a firestorm of sociopolitical awareness in trap music lovers during an era where half of the country is struggling to understand why Black Lives Matter. His single “The Bigger Picture” amassed over 100 million streams since debuting on the charts, a clear indication that the world is paying attention to what the superstar has to say.

Every year we are reminded that all that glitters isn’t gold. One of the hottest Rap acts in the world is now screaming foul.

Rapper Lil Baby is giving back to his old school in a major way.

You want to head into the new year with all of your bills squared away, that won’t be the case for Offset. A jeweler is claiming the “Clout” rapper owes him some money for jewels he purchased back in 2018.

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question? The Breakfast Club’s anchor DJ Envy put that to the test. The morning show host asked a head ass question about Yung Miami getting shot at during a drive-by shooting attempt despite being pregnant.