For a while now, R. Kelly has been doing everything under the sun to get himself sprung from prison, including citing the pandemic as a reason he should be allowed to go home and avoid contracting the deadly virus.

R. Kelly's trial for racketeering and sex trafficking charges is delayed again due to COVID-19.

The story of R. Kelly's underhanded movements to get free just continues to get longer and longer. One of his friends is now in trouble for attempting to make a potential witness and testifier an offer they couldn't refuse.

While some are debating how well the imprisoned singer would do in a competition of the hits, most are clear in stating the obvious that Kelly shouldn't be brought up in music conversations again.

Robert Kelly is hanging on to his self proclaimed title of being King of R&B; even from the bing. He has rereleased a tune for 2021.

The jailed R&B singer is alleged to have mentally and physically abused the 23-year-old Clary before she broke free of his clutches.


Given R. Kelly's documented past there's a good chance she has a solid case on her hands. Just sayin.'

Robert Kelly will finally have the chance to legally clear his name. A judge has scheduled his trial for early 2021.

R. Kelly's trial was delayed due to the coronavirus but his day in court if arriving soon. Per Yahoo News, on Tuesday (Oct. 13), a judge said the disgraced R&B singer will find out when he goes on trial for sexual assault, among other charges, in December.  

R. Kelly is a special case, but not in a good way. The fellow inmate who allegedly attacked the R&B singer for causing too many lockdown in their facility has been moved.


R. Kelly just took another L. The disgraced singer appeal for his release on bail pending his sex-trafficking case in Brooklyn has been denied.

R. Kelly’s legal issues continue to mount with no foreseeable end in sight. Rumors about him catching the beats are true.