New York City's Hammerstein's Ballroom for the Red Bull BC One World Final on Saturday (Nov. 12) night saw b-boy Victor and b-girl India win.

Red Bull BC One, the top breaking competition in the world, will host the USA National Finals on September 17 in Los Angeles.

Some of the world's best b-boys and b-girls will converge in Big Apple at the 19th Red Bull BC One Finals, paving way for the glory of the gold at the end.

The world finals for Red Bull BC One are happening this weekend in Gdańsk, Poland, and on Thursday (November 4), a last chance cypher event will complete the list of b-girls and b-boys battling for the title.

In one of the most intense contests of its sort, Isis and Morris fought through tough opposition to emerge victoriously but the journey is far from over for the pair.

The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher competition is the first of four regional contests that will determine which b-girl or b-boy will g on and represent the United States after the Red Bull BC One National Finals concludes this fall.

The four City Cypher regional qualifiers will ultimately feature the top 16 B-Boys and 8 B-Girls in the nation who will aim to win the National Final before going for the World Final.

This Saturday (Sept. 29), Switzerland will play host to an international dance competition for the ages. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Red Bull BC One World Final Championships, B-boys and B-girls from all over the world will face off to claim the title of champion and a bit of history will be made […]

Sixteen competitors took the center stage of Paris, France’s Red Bull BC One World 2014 Final knowing that only one would emerge as the victor.

The stage has been set for the 2014 Red Bull BC One World Final to go down in historic fashion and all viewers are in for Hip-Hop treat in B-Boy purity.

Sway Calloway’s #1 ranking on the inaugural Black Twitter 100 wasn’t just for show and flash. The veteran VJ and Hip-Hop personality is constantly on the go and his upcoming hosting gig for the Red Bull BC One North America Final proves just that.

Red Bull BC One has been going the extra mile to promote the underrepresented element of Hip-Hop which is B-Boying. Like clockwork, it’s time for a new year and new competition and the world’s #1 arena for B-Boys is back to crown a new champion.