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Red Bull BC One 2021 Gdańsk Poland

Source: Red Bull Content Pool / Red Bull

Red Bull BC One has positioned itself as one of the most visible spaces for the breaking community by way of a series of global competitions. The world finals for Red Bull BC One are happening this weekend in Gdańsk, Poland, and on Thursday (November 4), a last chance cypher event will complete the list of b-girls and b-boys battling for the title.

Hip-Hop Wired was on hand in Orlando, Fla. for the Red Bull BC One U.S. Finals, with b-boy Morris winning it all against a stacked list of strong dancers. On the other side, b-girl Isis took home the title in a battle that went down to the wire and solidified their place in the World Finals. Logistix, a Red Bull BC One All Star, is a U.S. Wild Card competitor alongside b-boy Flea Rock, and the group, save for Isis, were gracious enough with their time to let us in on their process ahead of the Finals, what they hope to do next, and much more.

Red Bull BC One 2021 Gdańsk Poland

Source: Red Bull Content Pool / Red Bull

Hip-Hop Wired: You already told us how proud you were to win the U.S. Finals for Red Bull BC One and your approach. How does your focus change on the world stage? What would it mean for you and your art to take home the world title in Poland?

Morris: My focus for the world finals is generally the same as before, but to keep my rounds clean and live in the moment. Being 37 and winning the world finals would send a beacon to the community that age doesn’t play a factor.

HHW: You are angling to be a 2024 Summer Games competitor in the Breaking category. What emotions do you experience knowing that the genre of dance you discovered as a young person is now recognized as an international sport?

Morris: It’s an amazing feeling, for it to be recognized. I feel many emotions when I think about this happening, but the one I feel most is joy. Thinking of what opportunities the next generation of breakers will have and that I’m helping that happen.

Red Bull BC One 2021 Gdańsk Poland

Source: Red Bull Content Pool / Red Bull

HHW: As a Red Bull BC One All Star, how does it feel to have the company’s backing and also the backing of Red Bull overall for the sport of Breaking?

Logistix: For me being an All Star and getting all this support, I honestly feel spoiled because I feel like I am able to get the resources that I need, financially, physically. They provide a lot for the All Stars, and It’s definitely a blessing it makes me want to work harder and makes me more motivated. And it’s a lot of pressure too, you know when someone is supporting you in any type of way, it gives you that sense of like “Damn, I definitely have to keep stepping it up.”

And so it’s definitely an amazing feeling because it continues to keep me motivated and as well as keeping me on my feet. And to be completely honest, it makes me want to continue to support myself and puts me in a position where I have to be stronger and I have to continue to support myself. Because I think that’s the biggest support have to have, supporting ourselves. Nothing else can really support us more than ourselves. Being supported as an All Star enforces more of that as well and reminds me as I am getting all this support from other people and resources, I have to continue to support myself 100 times more to set that foundation.

HHW: Like Morris, you’re angling to be a 2024 Summer Games competitor in the Breaking category. How does that hit you emotionally?

Logistix: When I first heard about Breaking in the Olympics it just sparked so much excitement because it’s like, damn, the Olympics are huge and Breaking is pretty big, but the Olympics are the biggest if not THE biggest…no, the Olympics IS the biggest athletic sports event on earth.

And so to be recognized by the international group that puts together the Olympics is such an honor. I think the emotions that come up for me have definitely been excitement and empowerment, but at the same time, there is still a sense of fear because our culture is so sacred and I mean this with all my heart…our culture is so sacred and is very, I don’t want to say underground, that’s not the word, but our culture is very pure.

It’s one of those things where you just have to let us be. In a sense with what we do and at the same time I think we deserve to be listened to and we deserve both sides collaborating & mutual respect. From the Hip-Hop breaking culture side and the Olympics and WDSF side. There definitely is fear. Not a lot but there’s little hesitance because I want to know more and see how we can make this work and what this is really about, you know?

It makes me so motivated because like, “wow another platform to continue sharing what I want to share, and really spread that light, love, and message.” I think in terms of my other emotions, hesitance and fear, these things still come up because if something is so great in itself it doesn’t need anything because it’s already great as it is. That’s why there’s a little bit of friction sometimes when it comes to breaking and collaboration with other companies or groups or parties. Because Breaking is so pure. I love Breaking and Hip-Hop so much and for it to receive recognition for it is amazing but at the same time, we’ve been here. But mostly, I just feel gratitude for the next steps Hip-Hop is taking. I have faith that we will continue to move forward in the right direction & take steps to empower our culture and to empower other people outside of our culture with what we do.

Red Bull BC One 2021 Gdańsk Poland

Source: Red Bull Content Pool / Red Bull

HHW: It appears that Miami, and Florida in general, has a bevy of incredible dancers. Why has the Sunshine State become something of a hub for Breaking and dancing in general?

Flea Rock: Miami is very close to the equator, the sun hits different there, the sun gives life. The heavy Hispanic and black culture runs deep in the south. A lot of flavor, and a lot of dope b-boys came out of Miami, starting back to the early 1990s, and it’s all connected to the street culture and music. Living in the region produces a lot of feelings deeply rooted in those hard times. A rough life usually results in amazing art. Florida has been ahead of the game in Breaking for a long time, and we catch things early.

HHW: As a wild card competitor, does having that designation bring more motivation out of you to show and prove that you deserve the title?

Flea Rock: I feel very blessed for how long I’ve been breaking to still be able to compete at a high-level competition like this. I’ve been Breaking for 29 years now so I’ve been through a lot of eras. I don’t really have much to prove I feel like I have the respect from the Breaking community already for putting in so much work but this is a dream of mine to win Red Bull BC One. So, I’m happy I get this chance to show my skills and my art on a big platform like this!

Starting at 3 PM EST, fans from afar can tune in to Red Bull TV, Red Bul BC One’s YouTube channel, and Red Bull BC One Facebook page to check out the Last Chance cypher. Stayed tuned throughout the weekend for more events.

The Red Bull BC One World Finals will begin this Saturday (November 6) at 1:00 EST and the aforementioned hubs. You can also return to this post here to peep the livestream below.

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool