Red Lobster

Nothing makes it clearer as to who exactly is an entitled "Karen" more than a pandemic. Footage of an out of pocket white woman getting forced out of a Red Lobster in Pennsylvania while she demanded a refund made it online, and Twitter has been slandering her and her minions ever since.

Red Lobster found itself trending on Twitter Monday morning (Jan. 6) but not because they rolled out a new menu item. A woman posted a string of texts from a suitor who got upset over her not buying him Red Lobster for dinner and Twitter has poured on the slander as expected.

Beyonce’s new song, “Formation,” gives Red Lobster a healthy shout out. Not surprisingly, the restaurant chain’s sales got a boost ever since she dropped the new tune and video on Saturday (Feb. 6). 

Your cheddar bay biscuits have a new owner. On Friday (May 16) Darden announced that it will sell Red Lobster to Golden State Capitol investment firm for $2.1 billion, but will maintain its ownership of the Olive Garden.

You may have to start making your own Cheddar Bay Biscuits in the near future. Reportedly, Red Lobster restaurants face an uncertain future and may be sold or or spun off into a new establishments.