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Nothing makes it clearer as to who exactly is an entitled “Karen” more than a pandemic. Footage of an out of pocket white woman getting forced out of a Red Lobster in Pennsylvania while she demanded a refund made it online, and Twitter has been slandering her and her minions ever since.

Reportedly it all went down on Mother’s Day in East York, PA, of course. The day reserved to big up Mom Dukes usually means packed restaurants, but during this Coronavirus Pandemic it also meant long waits for takeout, because, ya know, people were working while understaffed to make sure you got your meal.

In the clip, a white woman, who is not wearing a mask, is seen getting ejected out of a Red Lobster but she is nevertheless trying to force her way back inside despite multiple employees asking her to leave. Eventually,, you can gather that she’s one of the “I want to speak to the manager types” and is demanding a refund.

After giving her name when told that’s all they need to return her money, she throws a punch at one of the employees holding her out of the store, knocking the worker’s glasses off. All hell breaks loose with Karen (not her real name, nor do we really care…okay, it’s Kathy Hill, allegedly) saying she was assaulted. This despite herself clearly throwing the first punch. Sound familiar?

But the kicker was someone in the background saying they were waiting three hours for Red Lobster. Waiting three hours, for Red Lobster. Bruh…

All this to say, the Twitter slander has been hilarious, with Red Lobster trending despite it being Hump Day. There is also the nuance of white supremacy coming in, which is valid.

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