rep. john lewis

Minecraft is using the recently announced Minecraft: Education Edition lesson to honor and educate students about the late John Lewis.

At the site of the so-called "Bloody Sunday" incident which changed the course of history in the nation, the heroic congressman and civil rights icon was properly honored.

For much of his life, John Lewis has been a servant to the people and a tireless voice of justice for Black America. Today, the world is gathered in mourning after news the Atlanta congressman and civil rights movement icon has passed away.

Longtime U.S. Congressman John Lewis is a triple OG when it comes to both politics and his earlier involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Lewis has opted to skip a weekend opening ceremony of a Mississippi civil rights museum because President Donald Trump would be in attendance, and the White House’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee […]

When Donald Trump attacked Civil Rights legend Rep. John Lewis, by calling him “all talk” and “sad,” after he questioned the Comrade’s Presidential win, he once again demonstrated just how little he understood the meaning of sacrifice.

As Bill Duke famously said in Menace II Society, Donald Trump “done f*cked up now” by attacking civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis. The President-Elect’s attack against Lewis was met with resistance by supporters on Twitter, who called to attention the congressman’s long record in fighting injustice.