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Clint Eastwood (and his chair) may have stolen the show at the Republican National Convention, in Tampa, Fla. Thursday (Aug. 30), but Mitt Romney was the main attraction. The former governor officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, debuting a speech which he wrote himself. During his address, Romney picked up where his wife, Ann, […]

Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican Nation Convention Wednesday (Aug. 29) was not as truthful as he made it out to be. The vice presidential candidate did his best to fire up the party offering a push of excitement going into Mitt Romney’s speech scheduled for tonight, but it appears that Ryan failed to put […]

While Todd Akin has been getting plenty of negative media for announcing that “legitimate rape” won’t result in a baby, Paul Ryan made similar comments by noting rape as a “method of conception”  but didn’t get nearly as much attention. Ryan, who is running on the Republican presidential ticket alongside Mitt Romney, is a staunch pro-life […]

Senate nominee Todd Akin is still feeling the heat for outlining his theory of  “legitimate rape,” which he claimed does not result in pregnancy. Akin made the comments during a television interview over the weekend, and has seen the Republican party pretty much turn against him. He has tried his hardest to repent for his […]

Things are getting ugly in the presidential race. Vice President Joe Biden has come under fire for likening the Republican party to slave masters. The verbal misstep took place during Biden’s speech at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, in Danville, Va. Tuesday (Aug. 14), in front of a diverse crowd, and was not […]

Mitt Romney hasn’t tried as hard to appeal to Black voters, but he’s hoping to change things with a scheduled appearance at a forthcoming NAACP convention. The Republican presidential hopeful will address audiences at the annual convention, to be held in Houston, next month. The conference spans six-days, with Romney speaking on the second to […]

President Obama is the target of more mudslinging at the hands of the Republican party, for stating during his news conference Friday (June 8), that citizens belonging to the  private sector are “doing fine,” financially. Although his claims weren’t inaccurate, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has labeled the president as being “out of touch” with the effect that […]

Newsweek has responded to President Obama’s public support of same-sex marriage by crowning  him a gay president. The POTUS graces the cover of the latest issue, with a rainbow halo around his head under the controversial title “The First Gay President.” The cover, which hits newsstands May 21, also teases the article written by Andrew […]

A new website called “Republicans for Rape” is using humor to tackle an issue that is no laughing matter. Responding to the hoopla surrounding Senator Al Franken’s “anti-rape” amendment in the senate defense bill, the GOP backed sight uses parody to make light of the serious instances of sexual assault and rape that are found […]

At a Tuesday night healthcare forum at Howard University, RNC chairman Michael Steele slammed a 23-year-old audience member, whose mother recently passed away from cancer, without qualm. The auditorium was filled with about 150 students, the first two rows reserved for two dozen white members of a local young Republicans club. Steele’s appearance was part […]

Adding to an ever growing reputation of “Uncle Tom-ness,” Michael Steele managed to inject more racism into an event that was already heavily influenced by its presence. Appearing at the Young Republican convention, the same event that saw the less than subtle racist Audra Shay be elected to the groups’ presidency, the chairman of the […]