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Atmosphere, the duo comprised of lead rapper Slug and producer Ant, have been longtime veterans of the Minneapolis and underground Hip-Hop scene. From their seventh album, Fishing Blues, Slug and Ant take viewers through a crazed prison riot in a clip for their latest single, “Seismic Waves.”


Brother Ali has always been an MC to unapologetically speak real sh-t, regardless of how vulnerable the topic or unsettling the subject. The Rhymesayers artists’s latest single, “Mourning In America,” is no exception.  Boasting production from  heavyweight producer Jake One, Ali fires up his familiar rap-singing, stacatto-tongue like flow while graphically illustrating American dystopia in high-definition.  The […]

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It’s a safe bet that the rise to prominence of A$AP Rocky has jacked up the SEO friendliness of Aesop Rock. The latter, born Ian Matthias Bavitz, is a heralded underground MC that cam to fame as part of El-P’s Definite Jux enterprise in its heyday. After a five year or so hiatus,  Aesop is back […]

With the rehashed hostility that Beanie Sigel apparently still has for Jay-Z, many have come to speculate why no other member of the former Roc has stepped up to try and provide more clarity. Peedi Crakk led his own anti-Jay campaign some time ago and Oschino was quick to take his shots at Jigga along […]