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Atmosphere, the duo comprised of lead rapper Slug and producer Ant, have been longtime veterans of the Minneapolis and underground Hip-Hop scene. From their seventh album, Fishing Blues, Slug and Ant take viewers through a crazed prison riot in a clip for their latest single, “Seismic Waves.”

For well over two decades, Atmosphere have been champions of the unheralded and have amassed one of the most dedicated fan bases across any genres of music. Since the late 1990s, the group has been a consistent player in the independent rap scene and their record label, Rhymesayers, has led the way in bringing in top acts from the Twin Cities region along with other notables.

With Fishing Blues, the Billboard Hot 200 charting LP’s latest single is more of Slug’s introspective rhymes coupled with discussing other hot-button social issues of the day.

“Consider all the death you’ve invested with/The shoes, the booze, the phone; that you textin’ with/Disrespecting gets second amendmented/But the species still seem to be trendin’/From the friend zone all the way to the kremlin/The devil give a f-ck about a flag; or an emblem/Things ain’t been the same since Trayvon, sh-t/Things ain’t been the same since Reagan; wait/Ain’t a single thing change from the days/When the gods went crazy and broke the languages”

Check out Atmosphere’s “Seismic Waves” below.

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