Rosario Dawson


A few days ago actress Rosario Dawson got Marvel fans hype when she spilled the beans that Jon Bernthal would be returning to the MCU as The Punisher. But now she’s walking back the comments as it was probably supposed to be kept a secret.

Cory Booker must be a smooth boyfriend behind closed doors because Rosario Dawson went on all of her social media profiles to offer loving congratulatory messages after the politician won his bid for N.J. Senate reelection. Now that he's won, their relationship may start to get serious.


One of the few bright spots in Senator Cory Booker‘s life after dropping out of the 2020 race to be the democratic nominee for President of The United States was the fact that he was dating the beautiful Rosario Dawson and with everyone required to be quarantined who better to be locked down with than […]


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker may not be in the race for the White House anymore, but at least his wifey, Rosario Dawson continues to flourish in her field as the OG actress from New York has just been cast to play a fan favorite character from the Star Wars universe.

Cory Booker is not running for president anymore, but he is still in the news cycle for another reason. Booker’s girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson has folks talking about her sexuality after seemingly confirming she did “come out” out in an IG post.

NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode has always managed to keep players intrigued with its expansive story and in-depth gameplay. 2K announced a colossal move partnering with SpringHill Entertainment who will also be working on the games latest iteration of the fan-favorite game mode.

Sen. Cory Booker and actress Rosario Dawson have been romantically linked for weeks now, but neither of them pushed to announce the union. However, Dawson finally let the cat out the bag and says she’s officially dating the presidential hopeful.

Sen. Cory Booker, one of the more popular elected officials of his era, has long since turned heads for being a bachelor with some believing that hurt his potential for running for president in the future. If rumors are true, the New Jersey senator will have quite the stunning potential First Lady in actress Rosario […]

Rosario Dawson has been a vital part of the Marvel Netflix television universe as the tough-talking nurse Claire Temple, but her time in the role might be coming to an end. At the MCM Comic Con in London over the weekend, the 39-year-old actress appears to want a shift from acting to focus on raising […]


Rosario Dawson’s come a long way from her Kids days but if 40’s the new 20 then technically she’s 19-years-old and feeling like it. Yesterday the Luke Cage actress took to IG in celebration of her 39th birthday to show the world that while Black don’t crack, brown don’t… well, we don’t have anything to […]


Luke Cage actress Rosario Dawson had her world shook to the core when her cousin died last Thursday.