serius jones

Video of the rumored scuffle between rappers Math Hoffa and Serius Jones last week made its way to the Internets, depicting the unfortunate incident that marred the culture of battle rap. The clip shows Hoffa punching Jones onstage at the “Summer Madness 3” event in New York before security guards broke the rappers and shut […]

The culture of “Battle Rap” was supposed to be elevated yesterday at Ultimate Rap League’s high anticipated flagship “Summer Madness 3” show in New York City. But the event took a turn for the worse when Math Hoffa allegedly sucker punched Serius Jones during their battle.

Battle rapping is back in full effect. The good folks over at SMACK/URL brought out the legends for Summer Madness 2, and there are only a few more left, knock these two out off of the list. Battle rap luminaries Serius Jones formerly of Disturbing The Peace and Charlie Clips do battle at Summer Madness in Webster […]

For the past few years, there has been a phenomenon hitting the mainstream in the form of reality TV. Every channel a person turns to has a reality show whether it is “Real World”, Ray J’s show or any other entity. With VH1 behind the wheel, almost anybody can manage to get a reality tv […]