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The culture of “Battle Rap” was supposed to be elevated yesterday at Ultimate Rap League’s high anticipated flagship “Summer Madness 3” show in New York City. But the event took a turn for the worse when Math Hoffa allegedly sucker punched Serius Jones during their battle.

Numerous sources who attended the battle are reporting that the battle got off to a rough start with some bickering about the time limits for the rounds. Serius Jones started first and didn’t get much of a reaction from the crowd. Math performed his first round retort only to be mocked by Serius Jones throughout his performance.

Apparently Math Hoffa said a bar that he expected a big reaction for but did not. Serius Jones then yelled “wooo” in response to the crowd’s cold silence and then Math Hoffa allegedly punched Jones while he was not looking. The two rappers continued to fight causing a mini melee on stage that forced the event to be shut down.

Serius Jones has spoken on the night calling Math’s actions “sucker sh-t”. URL has since banned Math Hoffa from league. This is not the first time Math has gotten physical during a battle as Math swung on J. Dose for getting too close to him during a SMACK DVD battle in 2008.

Peep the following pages to see post fight reactions from Serius Jones, Math Hoffa, URL and some fans who attended the event.

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