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Video of the rumored scuffle between rappers Math Hoffa and Serius Jones last week made its way to the Internets, depicting the unfortunate incident that marred the culture of battle rap. The clip shows Hoffa punching Jones onstage at the “Summer Madness 3” event in New York before security guards broke the rappers and shut the Stage 48 event down.

Math Hoffa’s swift right hook landed him a ban from a coveted position in the lucrative URL league, and he took to Twitter to apologize for letting his emotions get the best of him. This wasn’t the first time Hoffa gooned out during a battle though; he punched rapper J. Dose I during a SMACK DVD 2008 battle as well. Smack White, the founder and host of the SMACK/URL battles, issued a video statement yesterday (Sept. 17)  regarding the actions of Hoffa, the ban and other matters.

“I just want all the fans to know that we don’t condone that type of behavior here at the URL,” Smack said. “We don’t support it in no way, shape or form. At this point forward, as it stands right now, Math is definitely, definitely banned from the URL and won’t be able to participate in none of the URL events, just due to the situation that happened and the liability that it may bring to our business.”

The video of the fight was posted on to WorldStarHipHop, naturally. Check out the clip of the tussle below. Hit the next page to see Smack White’s video blog talking about the incident.

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Photo:  YouTube, Twitter

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