sexual misconduct

The accusations against Tim Westwood are about to be taken to a high court. An independent barrister has been assigned to investigate his misconduct case.

According to an upcoming documentary, seven women have come forth accusing Westwood of sexual misconduct.

The incident, which took place in December 2019 and January 2019, came up again after a 2019 lawsuit said that the girl first met Massey when she was just 4 years of age.

While Deshaun Watson might be going through his darkest time ever there might be some light ahead. Over a dozen women who have provided massages to him in the past say he was a class act.

It looks like the NFL will be placing a sharp lens on one of their stand out performers. The organization is looking to get a better idea if Deshaun Watson was inappropriate with various women.

According to USA Today, the FBI is investigating allegations that celebrity cheerleader Jerry Harris solicited sexually explicit photos and sex from minors, multiple sources told USA TODAY. Agents executed a search warrant Monday afternoon at a home in Naperville, Illinois, as part of that investigation.

The esports world is currently be rocked by numerous accounts of sexual misconduct involving multiple Super Smash Bros. pros engaging in underage smashing.

CEO of ESSENCE Communications, Richelieu Dennis, has stepped down from his position amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. On Wednesday (Jun 30) the iconic publication released a statement revealing that Dennis has reportedly "stepped down" as CEO while the magazine conducts its independent internal investigation over the claims written in an anonymous essay posted over the weekend, adding that Caroline Wanga will be acting as interim CEO while they undergo the process.

Essence Magazine is coming under fire as it celebrates its 50th year anniversary for allegedly mistreating its Black women employees—only this time it's supposedly at the hands of other Black women. On Sunday (Jun 28) in an anonymous essay posted to the Medium, the author-listed only as "Black Female Anonymous"-discloses unfair business practices used by the iconic Black publication including sexual misconduct and harassment, unfair pay, and abuse of power by senior staff.

Former CEO and Publisher of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica and Founder of OkayMedia, Abiola Oke, has responded to the allegations of discrimination and sexual misconduct. On Thursday (Jun 26), Abiola Oke took to social media to respond to allegations that he subjected Black women employees to a hostile working environment. As previously reported, the news of the ill-treatment was exposed after former staff writer Antionette Isama took to social media to air out grievances for the Black women who worked for the organization and were subjected to lower pay, inappropriate behavior, gaslighting, and sabotage among other grievances.

At a time when companies across the company are reckoning with their toxic work cultures, media companies are now on the chopping block for their role in treating employees of color and women unfairly and subjecting them to abuse. According to published reports, Complex is now under scrutiny by former staffers for perpetuating what they describe as a racist and sexist workplace, with many speaking out despite their nondisclosure agreements. In an open letter posted to Twitter, former employee Tiffany Wines wrote about the “daily microaggressions Complex culture is notorious for,” and specifically called for the resignation of Jay Salim and Arman Walia, both senior employees at Complex.

The legal tussle between PBS and Tavis Smiley is still ongoing, and a blow was handed out to the former television host this week. On Wednesday (March 4), the network won $1.5 million citing that Smiley violated a morality clause.