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Kyle Massey, an actor that has appeared in a handful of Disney Channel productions, was charged in Washington state this week on one count of immoral communication with a minor after he allegedly sent a 13-year-old girl explicit images. The incident, which took place in December 2019 and January 2019, came up again after a 2019 lawsuit said that the girl first met Massey when she was just 4 years of age.

Yahoo! Entertainment reports that Massey, 29, faces a felony charge of communication with a minor for immoral purposes and could also face additional charges after he didn’t appear at his arraignment. On June 14, the charges were filled in a King County court and more details are now emerging about the case. Massey was due in court this past Monday (June 28) but may now be under threat of arrest if a warrant is filed to do so.

The court document states that Massey spoke with the girl via social media, with the girl’s mother getting reporting the contact to local authorities who then launched their investigation. Using Snapchat, Massey reportedly sent explicit images and the mother added that the actor knew the exact age of the girl he was in contact with. By way of subpoenas, prosecutors were able to obtain photos and videos of Massey performing acts that were sexual in nature. The report also adds that Massey asked the teenager to move to Los Angeles to live with him and his girlfriend while claiming to put her in contact with a talent agent.

The initial contact between Massey and the girl, who apparently resides in Seattle, was thought to be a mentoring role as the girl hoped to join the cast of a rebooted Cory In The House series. After making contact with the girl, Massey began sending a barrage of explicit texts, images, and videos to the girl. Massey’s initial response to the 2019 lawsuit was that it was an attempt to extort him out of the $1.5 million sought in the lawsuit.

Since the charge came down, Massey has not made a public statement.

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