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While Deshaun Watson might be going through his darkest time ever there might be some light ahead. Over a dozen women who have provided massages to him in the past say he was a class act.

As spotted on TMZ the football star is now getting support via some of his former masseuses expressing that they did not have any problems when they treated him in a professional setting. According to his lawyer Rusty Hardin, 18 female massage therapists have come forward with statements and receipts. “All of them stated that Deshaun never made them feel uncomfortable or demanded anything outside the scope of a professional massage” the attorney said.

Nadiyah Luqman, a licensed therapist certified in sports and orthopedic massage in Houston, says she treated him last year with no problems. “I massaged Deshaun on August 12, 2020 at my office. He asked me to pay attention to his glutes, hamstrings and abductors. This was consistent with requests I have received from other athletes I have worked with in the past. He was always respectful and quiet, and I never felt uncomfortable” her statement read. Another woman, Kaleigh Galindo, worked with Watson several times as well and said “he was respectful in every session. I never had any issues with him being inappropriate”. She went on to add “he was always hospitable and communicated to make sure I always felt comfortable and safe”.

On March 16, a massage therapist filed a civil lawsuit delivered by plaintiff attorney Tony Buzbee against Watson claiming that he touched her with the tip of his erect penis while asking her for sex during a visit to her home for treatment in March 2020. Watson vehemently denied Buzbee’s claims, stating that “I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.” At this time there have been 21 women who have filed complaints against him all via Tony Buzbee.