The list of scandals tied to Diddy’s name grows by the day. Mark Curry believes Shyne’s Def Jam deal was really a pay off from Brother Love.


Reuben suggested that Diddy was able to pay everyone off to help get him off the hook and even said that Diddy tried to intimidate her by flattening the tires on her car multiple times.


Shyne is no longer a Bad Boy and the United States has recognized the change. With the help of Diddy he has returned to America.


Recently, Barrow was named the leader of a powerful Belizean political party as he continues his rise as an elected official.


It has been more than a decade since Shyne was signed to Bad Boy, but that's not stopping Diddy from showing his support. On Sunday (Jun 28) Diddy took to Instagram, to offer his support for his former artist, by announcing that Shyne was running for the Belize House of Representatives. “BELIZE I’m so proud of my brother @shyne_bz and the journey he is on,” Diddy wrote on Instagram. “He is running for the House of Representatives and needs your support. #BadBoy4Life”

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The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour continues to impress and leave audiences in awe with its guest features and surprise appearances, but no one saw this one coming. During the Newark, NJ stop of the tour the crowd was shocked when former Bad Boy and P. Diddy’s 90’s co-d, Shyne made an impromptu appearance during […]

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On December 27, 1999, a then 19-year-old Shyne saw his life altered and subsequently, ruined when he was the catalyst behind a New York club shooting that left a woman shot in the face and him serving a full eight years in Clinton Correctional Facility.

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Shyne aka “The Real Larry Hoover” (his words) drops a video for “King Of NYS.” It’s not technically a response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse since it was part of the former Bad Boy rapper’s Gangland mixtape, which dropped last September.

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 Shyne is a vocal critic of President Obama and judging by his Twitter page, he has no plans of backing down. Earlier today, the Belizean rapper tweeted the commander in chief demanding that he help to stop the violence in Chicago. With a home and headquarters in the Midwest city, the president calls Chicago home, […]

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Meek Mill is the latest rapper to engage in Twitter beef with Shyne. The discrepancy jump started on Sunday,= (January 6) when Shyne Po praised Cassidy’s 10 minute diss track “R.A.I.D.” via Twitter. Meek wasn’t very appreciative of the former Bad Boy rapper’s words, immediately deeming him a hater due to similar situations with Kendrick Lamar […]

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A few weeks back, Shyne dropped a diss record aimed at Game called “Bury Judas.”

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With Jesus Piece freshly on shelves, The Game let’s the world (at least those with Internet service) feast their ears on the album’s Best Buy bonus track, “Blood of Christ.” The Compton MC is noticeably aggressive here, coming out the gate with a chorus that proclaims “Compton’s my city. That muh’f**ka ain’t never pretty. Gave Pac life, […]