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Shyne is continuing on his comeback campaign by taking shots at 50 Cent and Rick Ross. The rapper who has received an onslaught of negative feedback for his recent releases, is trying to redeem himself with a new song “Belize.” The track features a posthumous rhyme from the Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley while Shyne […]

The return of Shyne as a rapper brought hostility with it as he planned to dig up graves and put an end to old beefs. With his sights set on 50 Cent, Po released an relentless attack on the G-Unit general, along with all of his cohorts. Usually known to embrace any beef, however, 50 […]


Has anyone ever had that girlfriend/boyfriend that just wouldn’t get over the past and continue to bring up, even years down the line? With Shyne’s recent attack on 50 Cent and Game attempting to deliver a knockout on “400 Bars”, it is evident that these two rappers still have some sort of fixation with the […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, all rise for a momentous occasion as rapper Shyne Po is here to deliver a major announcement on why his rap flow/style has changed so drastically. Hip-Hop is all ears Po because that question CONTINUES to ring alarms with every subsequent track released. “Rockstar [Remix]” Well, another case of audio f**kery at […]

“He’s a D-class rapper right now.” Shortly after throwing shots at Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on a freestyle over Alicia Keys’ “Un-Thinkable”, rapper Shyne has already received a response in the form of G-Unit solider Lloyd Banks. With both New York rappers on a comeback, such a battle could be exciting, but according to Banks, […]


As rapper Shyne is slowly trying to make his climb back into relevance, Shyne must have felt it necessary to address some foes that he couldn’t verbally touch while incarcerated, mainly rapper 50 cent, on his recent freestyle. “I need a couple million, F*** 50 Cent.” “Un-Thinkable [Freestyle]” With the song fading out, it sounds […]