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Shyne Po, now Moses Michael Leviy, is reacting to 50 Cent’s interruption during a series of interviews on popular webcast site Ustream.

As previously reported Shyne was being interviewed live by industry insiders when 50 Cent called into the question line posing as a reporter.

The G-Unit head released a rant on Po for his recent disses in his new tracks, telling him that “he can’t go to war from a Fawking island” and mimicked Mel Gibson, telling him he “hopes he got raped by a pack of n*ggers in jail.”

Obviously not finding the situation funny, Po tells that Fifty’s gone from being a confidential informant to a member of the witness protection program before settling on his current status as a “stalker.”

Shyne event went so far as to give the G-Unit head a new nickname, Hawaii 5-0.

“Wow. That’s like an all-time low…I didn’t know he was so desperate. He’s gone from confidential informant, witness-protection program dude, getting order [of protection] on muthafuckas. Now he’s a stalker. I was in shock. He called up saying he was ‘Jamal from Harlem.’ He didn’t call up saying he’s Curtis Jackson, Hawaii 5-0. He’s a busta. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he would stoop to that low. Then again, a guy in the witness-protection program, he has no shame.”

Po also tells MTV that he had no idea it was 50 on the phone until it was too late because he “doesn’t listen to nothing he do.” Dubbing him a “creep” and a “stalker”, Shyne also encouraged Fif to find something better to do, like take steroids.


“You know how it is. When you do these things, you always gotta expect a muthaFawka to call and he might be disgruntled. We took it as another disgruntled person. ‘Cause you know, I don’t know what his voice sounds like. I don’t listen to nothing he do. If we on the yard, and they put his video on, they change the TV in the yard…

It wasn’t until after everything was finished, muthaFawkas at Def Jam was like, ‘That was Boo-Boo. That was Hawaii 5-0.’ I was like, ‘No. No.’ Then he put the out, like he was talking reckless. He’s a creep. Any of my comments have been honest comments. These dudes do anything, I don’t give a Fawk. It never bothered me. The fact that he’s sitting in New York, selling his Vitamin Water, listening to my Ustream. What the Fawk? You’re stalking me. Go take some steroids. Find something to do.”

If you missed it, check out Fif interrupting Shyne’s Ustream below.