In an appearance as guest host on The Wendy Williams Show, actress Vivica A. Fox addressed the now-infamous slap at the Oscars and the comments that Jada Pinkett-Smith made about it this week.

The older white woman is seen on the clip putting her hands on the younger woman, leading to the slap heard throughout the state of Arizona.

Will Smith continues to shine through social media and memorable appearances. In a recent interview he dropped a gem about a call he received from Jay-Z.

Another day, another Katt Wiliams story, and this time the enigmatic comedian explains one of the infamous moments of his current public meltdown. According to Williams, the Target employee that he pimp slapped called him the N-word.

Video of Will Smith slapping a journalist for trying to kiss him at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black 3 became a viral hit, and now the rapper-turned-actor is explaining his actions. Although he didn’t really have to  (the video makes it pretty clear), Smith went on the Late Show With David Letterman last night […]