NIKE continues to grow one of their most important partnerships with care. The Doernbecher Freestyle XIX Collection has been unveiled.


Most aspects of popular culture are dominated by men, and a new launch from Reebok aims to illustrate how that is rapidly changing. The athletic brand has partnered with Jazerai Allen-Lord and other women creatives to bring forth the “It’s A Man’s World” campaign, cleverly stylized as “It’s A Man’s World.”


While Andre 3000 has taken it light in terms of rapping in 2017, he continues to pursue his love of fashion. The Atlien’s newest sneaker collection with Tretorn is on its way here.


Warren Sapp was inducting into the NFL Hall of Fame this year, but it doesn’t mean his financial difficulties have gone away. Sapp filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April 2012, and part of the deal was the sale of his assets, including a massive sneaker collection. Someone came up on 213 pairs of Nike […]

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When one of your signature sneakers includes the Nike Air Foamposite One, the rest of your collection better be up to par. So is the case with Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, who yesterday took to Instagram to show off some of his freshest kicks. 

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Besides dropping fluid bars, whether as a soloist or with Slaughterhouse, or taking and sharing snapshots of his girlfriend, Joe Budden is also known for having an official collections of sneakers. The New Jersey rapper recently offered video cameras a glimpse into his sneaker closet while he pontificated on his love of kicks.


Sneakers and comic books (as well as Hip-Hop); they all are distinct entities that nevertheless go together. Reebok has collaborated with Marvel Comics for a collection of sneakers that add superhero aesthetics to familiar models from the athletic brand. Characters like Spiderman, Captain America and Wolverine get models like the Insta Pump, Ventilator and Pump […]