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Warren Sapp was inducting into the NFL Hall of Fame this year, but it doesn’t mean his financial difficulties have gone away. Sapp filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April 2012, and part of the deal was the sale of his assets, including a massive sneaker collection. Someone came up on 213 pairs of Nike kicks for a cool $6,390.

TMZ reports:

Now, as part of the deal Warren struck with his creditors, some of his items were sold at a bankruptcy auction … including 213 pairs of Nikes, which sold to a guy from Connecticut for a whopping $6,390. 

For the record, that breaks down to $30 a pair … not bad for some pretty sick kicks (some appeared to have never been worn). Now here’s the rub — Warren initially reported that he owned 240 PAIRS of Nikes … so, there are 27 pairs of shoes that weren’t included in the sale … and it’s possible, the remainders could be so valuable, they’ll be auctioned off in a separate sale. 

Most of the shoes in Sapp’s collection were Air Jordans—including Air Jordan IV “Superman” Doernbechers, Candy Cane Air Jordan XIVs, Black Air Jordan Vs and multiple Air Jordan IIIs in various colorways. Take a look at some of the buyer’s haul in the gallery.

If you happen to be a size 15, these could have been all yours and you would have made a killing at Flight Club.

Photos: DMS Bankruptcy Sales

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