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Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq trailer was released a few days ago and it’s safe to say that the negative reactions far outweighed the curious and insightful ones. The city of Chicago’s violence woes is an issue that hasn’t touched citizens of the United States in some form or fashion and juxtaposing or even transfixing the topic […]

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It would be safe to say that Spike Lee’s Chi-raq trailer isn’t what people were expecting. The reviews have been mixed, but Rhymefest thinks Lee “exploited” the people of his home city by making the film into an adaptation of Lysistrata, the Greek play where women withheld sex to end war.

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The plot of Spike Lee‘s forthcoming film Chi-Raq probably isn’t the first thing you expected off the strength of its title. Nevertheless, the movie’s trailer will surely have you interested thanks to engaging dialogue, wild cameos, Black Power feminists and some gunplay. 


Mars Blackmon stays winning. Today (Oct. 28), Jordan Brand and Spike Lee dropped their latest collaborative shoe, the Jordan Spike Forty.


As the 2014-2016 NBA season comes to an end, basketball junkies have the choice of either allowing the WNBA or video games to tide them over. Since statistics tells us the majority will opt for the latter, both EA and 2K Sports is getting the jump on the rollout for their respective big league winners […]


With or without Kanye West, Spike Lee’s upcoming movie for Chiraq is proceeding as planned, which has plenty of citizens living in the Windy City up in arms over the title.

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Spike Lee isn’t immune to criticism, but he’d like for people to wait and see his upcoming film,  Chiraq, before casting judgement. Though the movie isn’t even close to being out yet, it has received negative responses from the likes of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmnauelle and other politicians, because of the title and content.

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Last month, it was reported that Spike Lee was eyeing some big names in Samuel L. Jackson, Common, Jeremy Pivens and a one Kanye West for his developing film, Chiraq.

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Spike Lee is an unyielding son of Brooklyn but for his next movie, he’s engrossing himself with all the turmoil Chicago has become infamous for to create a project titled Chiraq.

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The World Wide Web is a game a chess. In a strategic move to remain at the forefront of online media publication, Complex Media tapped Spike Lee as their newest video content advisor.

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One of the year’s most anticipated movies in Da Sweet Blood of Jesus has arrived ahead of its scheduled release date.

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For those who live in the hood, the signs are so obvious and blatant. First, you notice the local bodega closing its doors. Then, a dog park pops up seemingly out of nowhere. After that, your neighbors who you have known for years are leaving, as the projects now turn into co-op condominiums.