Spike Lee represents New York, more specifically Brooklyn, with glowing pride and has defended keeping the culture of the city intact in the past. The famed director found himself once more railing against the gentrification of his beloved borough and other well-known sections of the city in an explosive rant last night (February 25).

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While Quentin Tarantino struggles to keep a film on the hush-hush, Spike Lee is turning to radio airwaves to deliver his next passion project.

Hip-Hop’s marketing capabilities is a phenom lost on no one, including the NBA who recently hosted a “Drake Night” in the rapper’s honor.


Last night’s New York Knicks win over the Miami Heat didn’t happen without a little comedic relief from film director and fan Spike Lee. The Do The Right Thing visionary has watched Knicks games from court side seats for years, but as of recent, his clothing choices have grown increasingly distracting.


The year has just begun and unfortunately Spike Lee has lost a family member. His younger brother, Christopher “Shadow” Lee passed away reportedly on New Year’s Eve.

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Even though he has several classics under his belt, Spike Lee has officially struck out with his latest film Old Man. While he will still garner the respect he rightfully deserves, he has left a trail of movies that tarnish his legacy.


With all the festivities this past Thanksgiving brought to the entertainment realm, apparently everyone forgot Spike Lee had a movie out. Despite solid reviews on Metacritic, Lee’s remake of 2004’s Oldboy only managed to muster up $850K over the holiday weekend, an average of just $1,458 in the 583 theaters it was shown in.

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Spike Lee is facing legal action for tweeting out an incorrect address of what he had believed to be the address of George Zimmerman.

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Mike Tyson lays it all on the table — his rise, fall, pleasure, and pain — in a forthcoming Spike Lee-directed documentary Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth. With a few weeks to go before the film releases, viewers receive a first look at the former heavyweight champion’s poignant tale in the official trailer.

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Yeah, sure, memories of Mike Tyson‘s career as undisputed heavyweight champion have been blurred with visions of police blotters and slapstick cameos in movies, but look who’s still standing. To get where you’re going, you have to know where you have been.

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Pharrell has something interesting with his “ARTST TLK” series. In the latest installment, renowned director Spike Lee sat on the hot seat to discuss his prolific films, career, upbringing, and host of other topics.

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We challenge the lot of you to name many boxers that were more prolific at their peak than Mike Tyson. The fighter’s story is as renowned as his history in the ring, and director, Spike Lee, captured the tale straight from the horses mouth in Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.