The holidays in the NBA means new sneakers with ill colorways and lately matching socks. Stance socks has unveiled the on-court Christmas socks pro players will be rocking during the holiday season and Christmas games. 

A new season for the NBA, which kicked off last night (Oct. 25), also means new official socks from Stance. The new joints (only certain teams are getting fresh looks to start) launched today at noon. 

The alliance between Stance socks and the NBA has been a resounding success. The brand just dropped nine new on-court styles that will be seen on the NBA court this forthcoming season.

Last year, Allen Iverson signed on with Stance as part of its Punks & Poets team. It’s little over a year later, and AI is dropping his own collection of socks with the brand.

Stance isn’t just resting on their coup of becoming the NBA’s official on-court sock provider. For March, the brand hooked up socks to match the special Noches éne•bé•a alternate uniforms the players will be wearing.

Don C is living the life, parlaying his Kanye West affiliation into design gigs like his expensive Just Don branded snap backs and Jordan Brand collabs. Stance is flourishing supplying the NBA with their apparel, and now they’ve linked with Yeezy’s former road manager to create limited edition socks players will be rocking during the NBA All-Star game. 

Stance has created an official NBA Black History Month sock. The special BHM socks will be worn by NBA players on the court during Martin Luther King Jr. day, this  Monday (Jan. 18).

James Harden has added another cushy sponsorship to his resume. The Houston Rockets’ high scoring guard has been named Stance’s first Punk & Poet brand ambassador for socks and underwear.

The euphoria of Harlem 2003 is alive and well with Stance’s latest addition to their creative collection with the new Cam’ron model.

It wasn’t too long ago when socks were an afterthought to sneakers and some proper shorts when it came to playing basketball. Now as the NBA’s official sock provider, Stance is cornering the market and are revealing plenty of designs to make sure pro players “coordinate.”

Allen Iverson officially retired from the NBA two years ago, but his influence is still potent. So it makes sense that A.I. has signed with Stance to be the sock brand’s latest ambassador. 

Stance just scored in a major. The brand and the NBA announced today (April 27) a multiyear deal that will see it be the league’s official on court sock beginning with the 2015-2016 season.