Women were quick to point out that the object in question was not in fact a tampon and everyone was quick to pounce on the cop in question for fabricating another situation in which a police officer plays victim for the sake of pity. Target has stated that they are investigating the incident and cooperating with authorities on the matter.

A Starbucks in Oklahoma fired an employee and apologized for their actions after the former worker wrote a cop’s order as “PIG” in the name portion. The employee allegedly apologized to the cop, saying it was just a joke.

Once again, a Starbucks in Philadelphia is under fire for making another racist inference according to the claims of a patron who says staff in the store took a swipe at his name. Niquel Johnson, a 40-year-old Muslim man who goes by the name Aziz, says an employee at Starbucks wrote “ISIS” as his name […]

Starting at the top of next year, coffee chain giant Starbucks is banning the viewing of porn over its free Wi-Fi service. In response, a streaming adult video company has banned the java from its offices.

When it comes to viewing porn, Starbucks is the last place you think people will sit and enjoy a skin flick or two. Well, the popular coffee chain announced that it will make sure patrons will not be using its Wi-Fi to watch boom-boom flicks while enjoying their pumpkin spice lattes.

Instead of a long and drawn-out legal battle, the men at the center of the Philadelphia Starbucks arrest incident have taken an incredibly low settlement from the city with a perk that speaks to their interests. Taking $1 dollar settlements each, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson will help spearhead a $200,000 grant program designed to aid […]

The two Black men at the center of the Philadelphia Starbucks arrest, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were guests on Good Morning America to share new details of what occurred in the incident last week. In the chat, the men revealed what the former store manager said to them ahead of the cops arriving at […]

The pressure was on for Starbucks to do something in response to the incident last week where two Black patrons were asked to leave a Philadelphia location and were promptly arrested by police. With outrage and calls for boycotts high and low, the company will temporarily shut down 8,000 of its stores for racial bias […]


Seems like Starbucks is about to become the official coffeehouse of the Alt-Right because they sure seem to have contempt for non-Caucasian customers. Just a few days after two men were arrested for waiting while Black for a friend at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, it seems like another racially driven incident went down at a Los […]

T.I. is no stranger to using his platform to call out social injustice and did so once more over the weekend towards the direction of Starbucks. After an incident of suspected racial bias in Philadelphia last week, the Grand Hustle honcho is demanding caffeine junkies boycott the Seattle coffee giant.

The city of Philadelphia is the center of controversy after a pair of Black men were arrested at a local Starbucks this past Thursday as they were awaiting a friend. When asked by a store manager to purchase an item or leave despite them saying they were waiting for a friend, police were called and […]

Chance The Rapper will join more elite company this winter. Starbucks has just announced Chano will be featured on their holiday gift card.