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ABC's 'Good Morning America' - 2018

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The two Black men at the center of the Philadelphia Starbucks arrest, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were guests on Good Morning America to share new details of what occurred in the incident last week. In the chat, the men revealed what the former store manager said to them ahead of the cops arriving at the scene.

Host Robin Roberts spoke with the pair, who both shared they were in the Starbucks awaiting a real estate business partner. Upon arriving, Nelson asked the manager if he could use the restroom and was told he couldn’t do so but he didn’t make a fuss according to his account.

“Immediately as soon as I walked in. She stated that they were for paying customers only and I just left it at that at that moment,” Nelson shared. Robinson added that the manager asked if they needed any help and informed her that they were there for a meeting and would be leaving in a moment. It was after that exchange when things escalated.

ABC News writes:

Then they saw police officers enter the store and speak with the manager, they said.

“I was thinking, ‘They can’t be here for us,'” Robinson said in the interview with “GMA” co-anchor Robin Roberts. “We have meetings at Starbucks all the time.”

They didn’t think anything of it until the officers approached their table and told them they needed to leave, they said.

“It was just, ‘Get out, you have to leave. You’re not buying anything, so you shouldn’t be here,'” Nelson told “GMA.”

In the wake of the row, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has since met with the men and there is a separate investigation into the matter. In addition, Johnson has ordered the temporary closing of 8,000 stores nationwide to conduct racial bias training to its employees.