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Philadelphia Police Arrest Of Two Black Men In Starbucks, Prompts Apology From Company's CEO

Source: Mark Makela / Getty

Seems like Starbucks is about to become the official coffeehouse of the Alt-Right because they sure seem to have contempt for non-Caucasian customers.

Just a few days after two men were arrested for waiting while Black for a friend at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, it seems like another racially driven incident went down at a Los Angeles location when a Black man was denied the use of the bathroom.

Brandon Ward took to social media to put the Starbucks manager on blast after he says he was denied the use of the bathroom for not being a paying customer. After he saw a white man exiting said bathroom, Ward asked him if he had bought anything before using the bathroom, to which he said “No… I just asked for the code.”

After confronting the manager about how “Weston” hadn’t made a purchase but was afforded the use of the bathroom, the Starbucks manager asks Ward to stop recording before walking away from the counter. Needless to say, she knows she f*cked up.

Luckily Mr. Ward wasn’t arrested for exposing yet another racist incident at another Starbucks but security quickly stepped in and asked him to leave.

Check out the video below and let us know if you’re still going to Starbucks after this latest racial episode.

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