Ubisoft is poised to have a big year thanks to a slate of big-name titles coming to current and next-generation video game consoles.

The celebrated rapper has used his massive platform to rail against the British government in times past.


South Side Jamaica Queen’s OG Hip-Hop group Onyx came into the game guns-a-blazin’ and though it’s been more than a quarter century since they did, they still drop that ish that keep hardcore heads boppin.’

Wiley and Stormzy are perhaps two of the biggest stars in the U.K. Grime scene, and a brewing feud between the two is heating up. For those keeping score, Stormzy returned fire to Wiley with a new track “Disappointed,” and it doesn’t appear things are settling down anytime soon.

Stormzy was over the moon over the weekend after proudly declaring himself the first Black British act to headline the annual Glastonbury Festival, but had to walk those claims back. Skunk Anansie, a punk band fronted by a Black woman vocalist, actually achieved the feat 20 years prior thus sparking an apology from the “Vossi […]

EA Sports is bringing the most prominent names sports and music together with the FIFA 19 World Tour to take on each other in its uber-popular soccer video game franchise FIFA 19. 

Stormzy is no stranger to opening his wallet to the less fortunate, and now he’s done so once again via a new scholarship program he’s started. The London-born Grime rapper helped two Black teens with their entry into the hallowed halls of Cambridge University.

If you’re still not familiar with Stormzy you really need to stop snoozing. The renowned grime artist won album of the year at last night’s (Feb. 21) Brit Awards in London. 


Sometimes the smallest gesture from someone in a time a grief is enough to remind one that life can be filled with more moments of joy than not. Nas Bockarie became familiar with that notion when his favorite artist Stormzy performed his song “Blinded By Your Grace” at his father’s funeral on Thursday (December 21).

Now here’s a trend we can get used to. Grime star Stormzy gifted Oxford University student Fiona Asiedu 9,000 pounds to complete her master’s degree en route to Harvard University in the United States.


This past weekend English Hip-Hop star Stormzy learned that his childhood friend, Bjorn Brown, had passed away.  The Grime superstar took to his Snapchat and Twitter accounts to pay tribute to his close friend who had spent five days in the hospital after he was found bleeding on the street on March 29.