superbowl halftime

The National Football League's Super Bowl is about to get spicy in 2023. Rihanna will be headlining the halftime show.

Now that the big show has concluded, folks on Twitter are attempting to figure out if the set catered more to Generation X or Millenials instead of simply praising the moment for the greatness it was.

After revealing last month that he spent $7 million of his own cash to fund the lavish performance, the results prove that he did indeed spend a grip while reportedly not being paid a dime from the NFL

One of the most watched sporting specials is about to be even more special in 2021. The Weeknd has been confirmed to perform at the National Football League’s championship game.

While there is much more work to be done to create true racial equity for people of color Jay-Z is doing what he can with his platform. Someone of color will overseeing the festivities of one the biggest nights in American sports.

If you are calling The Carter’s patriotism into question you can now put the trolling to rest. Hov has addressed the perceived faux pas in great detail.

The upcoming Super Bowl and its beleaguered halftime show set with Maroon 5 continues to take hits according to news reports. Cardi B was slated to join the performance but turned it down, allegedly because she wanted a large fee to do so.

A bolder Beyoncé reveals herself in the May 2016 cover story of Elle magazine. For the first time on record Queen Bey addresses the controversy from the “Formation” video and Super Bowl 50 performance, with an unapologetically firm stance on police brutality. 

The crew over at Fox & Friends discussed Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime performance this morning (Feb. 8) and true to form, the concept went over there heads so they resorted to complaining. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, in particular, accused Bey of dissing cops even though she arrived with a police escort.

Let’s face it; we’re all looking forward to Beyoncé’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance this coming Sunday just like the rest of the free world. But have you ever wondered what her top five sports performances were? Keep reading.