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HUNGRY, Sunfare and Usher Raymond Donate Healthy Thanksgiving Meals

Usher Raymond, the fourth of his name, is a certified hitmaker, entertainer, and vocalist so it’s curious to see him trending on Twitter regarding his ability. A Twitter user raised the question if Usher has enough pop hits to rock a Super Bowl halftime show set and the debate is still raging.

The Super Bowl halftime show has become an annual event as seen by the chatter sparked by Rihanna’s welcomed performance after five years away from the stage. Naturally, fans on social media began to debate who should be next to rock at the big game. Usher was a reasonable name tossed into the hat but @asj519 had other thoughts.

“I know y’all think Usher should perform the next SB but I don’t think he has enough pop/hip-hop hits,” the user wrote, sparking a flurry of comments and quote retweets.

Seemingly flustered by the responses, the user fired back with, “Y’all are being intentionally obtuse. Not R&B. Pop. Crossover hits. He doesn’t have enough *pop* hits for a *13* min medley performance. It’ll be ok. That’s not a diss to Usher the artist. Bc you don’t think they would’ve considered him? Beyoncé would be a better choice.”

We’re not sure if the Twitter user recalls but Beyoncé already handled her business in 2013 at the Super Bowl to great effect and she’s probably focused on her upcoming world tour than entertaining sports fans for a few minutes.

As it stands, Twitter has a lot of thoughts about this dream scenario of having Ursher touch the halftime stage and we’re already aware that he does indeed have a handful of tracks that crossed over to the wider pop audience.

Check out all the reactions below.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty