tax debt

Floyd Mayweather and the recent news he owes the IRS a whopping $22.2 million in back taxes turned heads but reveals something of a pattern for the talented pugilist. According to published records, Mayweather has routinely faced issues in paying his federal taxes on time with millions in dollars of tax liens filed against him […]

Back in December 2013, it was discovered that MC Hammer had an outstanding tax bill of $800,000 dating back to his 1990s dominance in Hip-Hop music.

As we have learned time after time paying your taxes are mandatory not optional. Surprisingly some of the Rap community have had a tough time grasping this.

Just when Lauryn Hill (and the rest of us) thought her tax troubles were a thing of the past comes this shocking news. The mother of six has been sentenced to three months in prison over her delinquent tax bill.

Kelis may have been so consumed with getting into Nas’ pockets, that she forgot to keep her own finances in order. The singer, and ex-wife to God’s Son, owes the IRS over $300,000 in back taxes. According to reports, tax liens have been filed against her totaling, $330,426. The first claim was filed in March, for $177,989, […]