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Floyd Mayweather and the recent news he owes the IRS a whopping $22.2 million in back taxes turned heads but reveals something of a pattern for the talented pugilist. According to published records, Mayweather has routinely faced issues in paying his federal taxes on time with millions in dollars of tax liens filed against him dating back years.

Deadspin reports:

It came out recently that Floyd Mayweather owes the IRS a whopping $22.2 million, but documents show that that big number is the least of it. The famous boxer—who routinely brags about his wealth, and even goes by the nickname “Money”—has had trouble paying his taxes on time for more than a decade. The IRS has filed more than two dozen pages of tax liens (and releases from those liens) in the boxer’s name in Clark County, Nev., since 2004. At various points, according to lien documents, he has owed $3.1 million, $6.1 million, and $7.1 million to the feds. Mayweather has taken in millions in earnings and owned his own promotional company, dubbed “The Money Team,” but that hasn’t kept him from running up enormous tabs, some of which have gone unpaid, according to public records.

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