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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor‘s epic boxing match next month has been on the radar of fight fans since its announcement. The pair squared off in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon (July 12), and McGregor might have awakened the lion after a questionable “dance for me, boy” jab at the far-more experienced pugilist.

A press conference for the Aug. 26 fight took place at Staples Center and featured some of both men’s usual hijinks in selling up the tension angle of the fight. The pair jawed off at each other, firing off insults although McGregor, the taller fighter, tried to outtalk Mayweather, who smiled and found the moment familiar as a trash-talker himself.

While it appeared the two would square off right then and there, Mayweather promised to save his hands for next month with promises that we would “knock that b*tch out.” while McGregor said he’s going to finish the undefeated pro boxer in four rounds.

McGregor, who loves the play the heel before fights, fired off a “dance for me, boy” comment, probably not realizing the racist implications of calling a Black man boy in America. Mayweather’s father was asked by TMZ about the comments, brushing it aside and said that the camp didn’t think it was racist.

Sheeeeiiiiiittttt (c) Clay Davis.

Anyway, Mayweather might have to administer the fade, taper, and line up for the culture on Aug. 26 when the fight goes down at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. We’re not taking sides, however, but just saying.