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In a new spot for Amazon, Crews pleads with folks to come work for the company but Twitter is getting the buff bozo out the paint.

For some reason, the strong-necked actor taken up a crusade to be a member of the All Lives Matter massive and his latest goofball tweet is further proof of just how lame he's become.

During a segment on Lemon's nightly CNN program, the actor voiced criticism over Black on Black violence with the host correcting Crews by saying that's not the aim of the BLM movement.

Crews has made some questionable moves online since coming out as a victim of sexual harassment.

The 51-year-old actor shared a tweet in where he essentially undermined the Black Lives Matter movement to center white people in the fight for justice and equality.

Terry Crews found himself in the center of criticism after he essentially left his former America’s Got Talent co-star Gabrielle Union out in the cold. Crews, in a bid to stay uninvolved with Union’s issues with the NBC show, appeared to lack compassion but has since apologized to the actress for not standing with her […]

If you were one of the men that shamed Terry Crews for sharing his #MeToo moment detailing the time he was sexually assaulted he has time for you. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor this past weekend called out comedian D.L. Hughley and even offered him some free smoke.

Terry Crews has amassed quite the image for himself as an actor whose slapstick silliness in some roles contrasts greatly with his physicality, and his involvement in the #MeToo movement is admirable. However, a man who filed a lawsuit against Crews is painting a different picture and claims he was bullied, harassed, and ultimately stiffed […]

There is absolutely no line 50 Cent won’t cross when it comes to playing the bad guy via social media. Fif put his troll powers to use once more to mock Terry Crews, who recently testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding his bout with sexual assault.

Terry Crews turned heads when he came forth detailing an incident between him and sports agent Adam Venit, alleging that he was groped by Venit sexually at a party. Crews filed a criminal complaint against Venit with the alleged assault potentially being framed as a felony, but a judge rejected that charge level on a […]


Terry Crews is suing the agent he claims groped him at a Hollywood party. Crews claims that agent Adam Venit grabbed his crotch and made a pass at him back in February 2016. 

Actor Terry Crews opens up with further details of his sexual assault encounter with a top Hollywood exec in an interview with Good Morning America.