The Game

The Game is working on his alleged last album. Also worth noting, it will include a contribution from fellow Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar. 

Big Baller Brand has some big ballers supporting their vision. The Game, Slim Thug and Nipsey Hussle have lent their support by buying the $495 Lonzo Ball ZO2 sneakers.


Since dropping his latest album DAMN. a few weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar has been garnering applause and blown kisses from critics and fans alike. Even his rap peers are giving him his just due for his latest offering, including The Game.

The Game wants Viacom to pay up. The Compton rapper is suing Viacom for allegedly hiring an ex-con for his She Got Game reality show. 

The Game was accused of kicking a group of women out of his home because they were dark-skinned. He says they were removed because they were strangers.

The Game took a plea deal in court. You would too, if you were facing jail time for punching an off-duty cop in the face. 

Entrepreneurship has long been considered to be an unofficial element of Hip-Hop and weed has always been the culture’s drug of choice. So it makes all of the sense in the world for rappers who love the green leaf to start getting into the legal business of selling it. Legal marijuana is expected to be […]

Good news, The Game is coming out with another album. Bad news, he says it will be his last.

J. Cole‘s “False Prophets” has Kanye West in the studio with Pete Rock and Wale rapping great again. Can he work his magic with these MCs?

The Game is going to have come out of his pocket, heavy. A jury found the Compton rapper liable in the $10M sexual assault case brought against by a former reality show contestant. 

In season three of the Meek Mill and The Game beef, Rick Ross says it’s over but Game’s manager says it’s still on.

In what will hopefully be the final chapter of this beef, the entire conversation between The Game and Beanie Sigel over the Meek Mill disses has surfaced.