Everything is looking good again for the Naughty Dog's forthcoming title, The Last of Us Part II.

After a huge hiccup, the countdown to the launch of The Last of Us Part II is underway.

We've been avoiding The Last of Us Part II leak like Future avoids paying his baby mamas. Naughty Dog rewarded us with our best look at the game with a new intense trailer.

Details emerge, revealing how hackers allegedly got their hands on 'The Last of Us Part II' plot details.

Allegedly, word on the Twitter streets is that a disgruntled ex-Naughty Dog employee is behind the leaks revealing important plot details and pivotal cut scenes that basically spoiling the game.

Naughty Dog announced the unfortunate lousy news that did come with a silver lining. The good news the game is done, due to the massive spread of COVID-19 the studio feels the game will not be launched properly. 

There's television, then there is HBO. The cable network solidified as its position the premiere place for original shows with the announcement it will be adapting a TV series based on the insanely-popular PlayStation game, 'The Last of Us.'

It was no surprise PlayStation finally gave us another look at the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us Part II during yesterday’s (Sept 24) stream. What we got was another brutal glimpse into the world of the young protagonist, Ellie.