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'The Last of Us' Is Reportedly Being Remade Again, Twitter Is Confused

Source: PlayStation / Naughty Dog

Another remake of The Last of Us? According to a Bloomberg report, Sony is reimaging Joel and Ellie’s first adventure AGAIN while telling Sony Bend nah during a 2019 pitch for a sequel to Days Gone leaving Twitter utterly confused.
The new report shines a very bright light on Sony’s lesser-known studios’ current dissatisfaction under its PlayStation Studios umbrella. According to Bloomberg, there was a Last of Us remake codenamed T1X in development, and it was started by Michael Mumbauer, the founder of Visual Arts Service Group, a studio that usually assists with the development of PlayStation Studios titles.

According to the report, Mumbauer assembled a new, 30-strong development group to work on The Last of Us remake after initially passing on a remake of the first Uncharted game. Things got rocky when Sony kept the studio’s existence a secret and didn’t offer an extra budget. Subsequently, the Head of PlayStation Studios, Herman Hulst, said the project was too expensive and moved Mumbauer and his team to help develop The Last of Us Part II.

Sources revealed to Bloomberg following The Last of Us Part II’s completion, Sony shifted multiple Naughty Dog developers to the T1X project, making it a Naughty Dog project. Mumbauer and other original developers have since left Sony, but the remake is still being made.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s report also revealed that Sony Bend pitched a sequel to its game Days Gone in 2019, but Sony rejected the idea. The first game was met with mixed reviews but was well-received among the gaming community, but that wasn’t enough for Sony to give the studio the green light. Sony eventually moved Sony Bend developers onto two untitled Naughty Dog projects, a multiplayer game, and a new Uncharted project.

Following Sony’s decision, some Bend team members have left the studio as a direct result of Sony taking away their autonomy with leadership complaining to Sony and asking to be taking off the Uncharted project. According to the report, Sony Bend is working on a new original game. No word if it is Days Gone 2. According to Eurogamer, the Sony Bend- Uncharted game was supposed to be a prequel, sources revealed to the website.

While the timing of another remake of The Last of Us makes sense with the HBO original series based on the game starring Pedro Pascal on the way, gamers are not too enthusiastic about the news and understandably so. The game was first released back in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 console and then remade in HD for the PS4 in 2014.

Baffling indeed.

You can see more reactions to Sony reportedly remaking The Last of Us in the gallery below.

Photo: PlayStation / Naughty Dog


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