President Barack Obama has become an iconic world leader to due to his embrace of music and culture, and that is supported by First Lady Michelle Obama‘s penchant for the hip and cool. Inspired by the South By Southwest music festival, President Obama will be hosting a similar “lituation” at the White House known as […]

Kendrick Lamar is now a regular at the White House. Along with Janelle Monae, the Compton rapper kicked it with the Obama’s and performed to celebrate Independence Day.

Hamilton is arguably the most popular ticket on Broadway and its star is already reaping presidential benefits. Lin-Manuel Miranda hit up the White House to freestyle for President Obama in the famed rose garden. 

It isn’t a secret that President Barack Obama has appointed and hired a host of exceptional Black women as part of his administration. However, many of these powerful individuals tend to play the background but are getting some well-deserved attention for their service to the White House.

You can cross “performing at the White House” off of Wale’s bucket list. The Maybach Music Group rapper was the guest of Michelle Obama’s Beat The Odds summit and performed in front of President Obama himself. 

Google‘s Maps service is under heavy scrutiny after it was discovered that The White House can be searched and listed under a racist slur. When users type in the words “n****a house,” the iconic Washington, D.C. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address is what appears.

While visiting The White House on Monday (Nov. 10), Rihanna proved to be quite the Scandal fan as she channeled her inner Olivia Pope while frolicking around with her “west wing posse.”

Few imagined a rapper in The White House when N.W.A infamously turned 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue into The Black House in their “Express Yourself” video.

Omar Gonzalez, the 42-year-old Iraqi War veteran infamously known as the White House fence jumper, apparently got further into the building than previously thought two weeks ago. In fact, Gonzalez was able to push past one Secret Service guard and ran throughout much of the White House main floor.

Eric Holder, the 82nd attorney general and the first African-American to serve in that position, has revealed that he is resigned today, September 25.

Omar Gonzalez, the man who jumped a security fence at the White House and made it inside the executive mansion last week, was clearly on a mission of sorts. Investigators say that inside Gonzalez’s vehicle, they found 800 rounds of ammunition and more.

The White House is thought to be one of the most secure places in the world, but last Friday that theory was put to the test with embarrassing results. A man was able to hop a fence and made it to the front doors of the building before Secret Service guards took him down.