Todd Bridges seems like a pretty decent guy despite dipping his toe in the struggle pool at times, but that same grace ended with the Diff’Rent Strokes actor catching a sucker punch fade on camera no less. Bridges was helping a neighbor evict a woman from a home when the boyfriend decided to intervene with […]


Todd Bridges has been tethered to the struggle on and off over the years, and he recently had some issues with his porn star ex-girlfriend. Another ex-girlfriend is accusing the Diff’rent Strokes actor of putting out a crossbow on her, aiming a taser near her face, and other zany acts that led to a restraining […]


Diff’rent Strokes actor Todd Bridges is currently battling some legal issues regarding his porn star ex-girlfriend. Bridges managed to get a restraining order against Melissa Hill, who he alleges has been spreading rumors about his health, but he’s also fearful she’ll try to get back at him by poisoning his dog.

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Amid news surrounding the tragic circumstances of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical condition, Hip-Hop Wired couldn’t help but think about others whose lives changed for the worse at a young age due to the ever-present fame monster.

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Katt Williams: Trick Or Treat (Music Video) This may not be intended to strike fear in anyone but it definitely had me afraid after watching it twice. Katt Williams is not trying to make people laugh anymore, in fact he wants to kill Dr. Conrad Murray and if I’m not mistaken, he said something about […]

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