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Todd Bridges has been tethered to the struggle on and off over the years, and he recently had some issues with his porn star ex-girlfriend. Another ex-girlfriend is accusing the Diff’rent Strokes actor of putting out a crossbow on her, aiming a taser near her face, and other zany acts that led to a restraining order.

The Blast reports:

A woman named Tiffany Wolf was granted a temporary restraining order against Bridges, barring the former child star from coming within 100 yards of her or her pets (more on them in a bit).

According to Wolf, she met Bridges on a dating site and she claims that during their second date, he “took out taser and zapped it several times inches from my face.”

Apparently undeterred by that incident, Wolf continued to see Bridges and claims the first time she spent the night at his house, he showed her a crossbow and “quickly removed the gun & bullets under his pillow.” She also claims that Bridges told her he “had beaten up homeless people trying to break into his house.”

A few weeks later, Wolf claims Bridges pointed the crossbow at her and then two weeks later “pulled gun on dog because he thought someone was breaking in.”

Wolf also said Bridges claimed he shot someone before and didn’t know if he killed them or not. The relationship recently ended in May and Wolf says the harassment kicked up in July via Twitter. Bridges, via a source, says he hasn’t seen Wolf in months and thinks she’s working alongside his ex Melissa Hill.

Photo: WENN