After much speculation and media hearsay, it appears that the rumors surrounding Bruce Jenner to be transitioning into a woman are true. People has learned that the head male of the Kardashian franchise is being “respectful” but plans on filming his “journey” all the same.

Despite living and identifying as a woman for the better part of her life, trans daughter Jennifer Gable, 32, was made to look masculine, even at her own funeral.

Popular transgender media personality B. Scott has been involved in a battle with Black Entertainment Television after Scott alleged the network discriminated against him at the 2013 BET Awards. Angry that the network made the flamboyant star change into attire to appear more manly, Scott launched a lawsuit that has since been ruled in BET’s […]

Last year, popular transgender fashion personality B. Scott and BET found themselves embroiled in a public spat last year over an incident at the 2013 BET Awards. Scott responded to recently leaked emails reportedly from BET staff that stated that they didn’t want the flamboyant star appearing as a woman on the red carpet.

Eric Green, cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers may have landed himself in some hot water off the field as he is being sued for sexual assault on a transgender. According to the suit filed, which is in the amount of $10 million, Angelina Mavilia, 38, alleges that Green forcibly sodomized her.  Green, at the […]